Vlogging Day 2: Indie Film Lab

Not sure how I feel about the whole "vlogging for 30 days thing", but, we shall see how it goes.Until then, here are my thoughts on Indie Film Lab, some potentially awesome film developers in Alabama. I do think vlogging will force me to dive head first into film and then document what I learn on camera, but I'm not so sure how good I am at it.

On another note, I love how my intro organically evolved!  CONFETTIANDGOLDANDTASSELSand OHMYGOSH.

So, if you're thinking about using Indie Film Lab, so far they're awesome.  Included in the video are a few of my thoughts on them, and really figuring out developers in general:

Video notes:

-They offer a rush option, which is fab.

-They're beyond helpful and friendly.  They make it easy for you to figure out what the heck is going on, if, like me, you probably don't know.

-They're relatively new, so support the up & comers!

-They now offer color profiles and are working on prints (they currently offer fine art prints, just email them for a free sample!)

-The best part:  with their "inspiration" folders in your account, they make it easier for you to convey the look you are going for in developing.  Just upload some inspiration, and voila!  (My photos still don't look anything like my inspiration, but, that's MY fault!  In due time...)


If you were thinking about checking them out or have other thoughts, hope this helped!