The Effect of Vlogging

"So tell me, has this taken over you life [like it has my wife's]..." "Oh, absolutely! Sometimes I won't even get up to go to the restroom, I just sit there [and wiggle like a maniac] saying to myself 'I'll get up once I finish this...'"

The truth over dinner may have caused everyone to erupt into relatable laughter, but the thing is, vlogging isn't as easy as I make it look. BAHAHAH. And yes, it tends to take over your LIFE! But I'm having a great time with it and plan to incoorporate it at least once or twice a week once the "Challenge" is over. If you're considering adding Vlogs into your routine, I would highly encourage you! The change in medium and fact that people get see and hear you is invaluable, but be warned! Here I present to you, the Vlogging Effect. A real life description of what Vlogging can do to one's sanity. Kinda like the Butterfly Effect, but not as interesting. Potentially more life altering. Crazy antics I find myself doing in front of the camera, to include but not limited to my infamous and elusive CONCENTRATION HUM! (Seriously, I hum like a herd of bumble bees when I am trying to concentrate (and no one is around--I've done it since I was a wee one!) and I hardly ever catch myself doing I left photo booth on & captured the action). The worst part is....the person I am talking to, is, you got it....myself! Clearly I entertain myself. Don't know if that's a good thing or not... He would never admit it, but Marshall and I talk in crazy voices all of the time, so naturally I would rely this to my everyday life. Our most popular is the Italian voice, made famous by Kathryn Giordano.