Waiting to Develop.

Aside from a disposable, the very first camera I ever really shot with was a Canon t50, borrowed for a trip to Hawaii when I was 17.  Always one Jose Villa blog post away from quitting my life and going to work at Sonic, I loaded up the ole Canon in high hopes of becoming a more precise shooter...with the added bonus of pretty soft, pastely images. With the South as my muse, I wandered the spanish moss covered streets of Wilmington, loaded roll after roll, and prayed to sweetbabyjesus for the best.  Maybe God thought I was frivolous for such a request, considering out of the oh, FIVE or so rolls I loaded into my camera, it was only ONE that I inserted properly? Ha! Next time I'll be more weary of googled instructions.  I just kept asking myself "how did I know how to work this contraption when I was 16?!?!"  Regardless, it was the effort of exploring the city, not being a shutter hog, and only capturing what truly spoke to me that was the real lesson.  I tend  to shootshootshootwaitforitaaaaandddddshoot, and to me, there is nothing wrong with a little overshooting.  Why not when you can just *BOOP*, DELETE?  But sometimes I wonder if overshooting crowds my camera and my head and if I am clouding the really good stuff with just the "okay" stuff.  With film, you only get a certain amount of shots.  You gotta make sure it's right and you love it or you know what?  You're gonna pay for it (literally).  I swear I can hear CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING, every time the shutter releases, but it's worth it.  Every image I got back from Richard Pro Lab, I gushed over (yes, my own work. How sad of me).  And the best part is, no editing involved! hallelujah!  Can I getta hand clap? I would love to incorporate film occasionally into weddings and portrait sessions, but not fully.  And certainly AFTER I am more confident in what the heck I am doing. Being all philosophical and all,  I do feel a sense of "bringing it all back around".  Fixing up my very first camera where I found an interest in photography (while in Hawaii for a month!) and taking that very same camera (that I haven't touched SINCE Hawaii 10 YEARS LATER) on a new adventure and challenge to build my business.... in Hawaii.  Fate?  Or am I just thinking too much?

I sent these off to Richard Pro Lab, not Target. They're worth the time and moolah for those tones. Next up?  Learning that a T5o is not digital and no matter how many times I check, the photo is not going to magically pop up on the back of the body.  And patience.  That's next on the agenda. I'm worried about that one.