Waking up to rain.

I never ever thought I would say this, and I surely swore to myself I would never let it happen, but in the midst of unpacking and getting "life" situated, I started to forget that we live in Hawaii.  It's easy to get wrapped up in day to day tasks, putting off things around the island I've been "meaning" to do in order to prioritize work, website, and getting the closet situated before I let guests step in the door, but I know that it's important to stop and enjoy the place that I live.  Because we won't be here forever, and before we know it we will be flying out of this beautiful place. ( I realized I did this in Charlotte!  Lived there OVER 7 years and took that spectacular city for granted!  When we left, there was so much I still wanted to do that I had always put off and I regretted not taking advantage.)  So I'm trying to stop and be a little more "island" and a lot less "mainland" and slow my pace. Step out from behind my computer every once in a while. Hush my characteristic sense of "Now now NOW IT HAS TO BE NOW!!!". I fell asleep last night with a million tasks I "had had HAD to do" this morning but woke up to the hard patter of raindrops against the roof.  One of the first times in almost three months I've seen a serious downpour around here ( it didn't last long, of course, but there were moody clouds!).  The strumming of the passing storm was just the encouragement I needed to slow down and appreciate my surroundings more and remember: the emails will still be there tomorrow.  Unlike me, they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.


While I finish off a roll of film, here are a few iphone shots from Kailua, an absolutely beautiful east side of the island, and around town.  Starring my favoritest island plant, Bougainvillea!!