[Wedded Wednesday] It ain't easy being a Bride.

Ladies, I don't know you do it.  You should all get an award.  Planning a wedding has got to be the most intense, stressful, time-consuming, whirlwind of an adventure I have ever experienced.  At our wedding I had a great time with our incredible friends and family, danced to the amazing mash-ups of Dan Fisher of Love City DJ's, and witnessed the night vanish in a blur before my very eyes. Left wishing I could relive the event over, and over, and over, just to take it all in.  And twirl my Diana a couple more times. All of the time and work you spent forming every little detail perfectly is easy to overlook in the midst of cocktails and guests.  Taking in and enjoying the experience is what it is all about, but you want to a great way to remember the moments that made the night.  They say hindsight is always 20/20, and I have learned the most incredible lessons about my business from being a Bride.  From planning to vendors. What I want to do, what I don't ever want to do.  What I wished I had thought of and what I should have done differently.  As much as I enjoyed the year and a half building up to the wedding day, I feel like I have conquered a war.  Defeated the storm.  I look back, so thankful for the day spent with friends and family from across the U.S. and declaring my love to a truly rockin' man, and am richer for the experience.  Well, not literally richer.  Wouldn't that be nice?

I am confident I can now approach a Bride's wedding with a new perspective.   The thought that it's not just a wedding day, it's her wedding day.  The one day of the year where moments are fleeting and gift bags that spent months to make can be gone in seconds.  A day I want the Bride to be present in, and that I want to capture every. single. little. detail so that she can happily relive it for years to come.  From now on I don't plan to look at my job as a business person.  I plan to look at it as a Bride.  Minus the jitters and champagne. Because  I know.  I understand.  And you know what?  It probably happened to me, too.  Trust me.

Being a Creative, I knew the importance of a good Photographer.  Loving Michael Smith of Ash Imagery's work for years, he was the very first vendor we booked.  Like, almost two years in advance booked.  I admire his documentary style and interesting compositions.  He also mixes in a little film from time to time, which you know I die for.  Mike presented us with our wedding gallery on our one month anniversary and I was incredibly pleased.  We left the wedding confident in his work and happy that we had booked him.  Totally worth it to fly him out from Philly. Here are some of his shots that are my favorite.  You can read his blogpost and see an amazing compilation here.

He laid these out so beautifully, they told the perfect story of the day, so these layouts are pretty much directly from his blog.

A post soon on exactly what I took away from my day and the months leading up to it, but after I've gloated over our photos for a few more days.  Thanks Mike!

Marshall was lookin' pretttttyyyyyy smokin'.  Not too shabby, getting such a hot man out of the deal.