Wedded Wednesday: Hawaii Bridal Expo 2012

"Who's the bride here?" "Neither of us!"

"Oh, okay then...well, enjoy the show!"

We weaved our way through the zig-zagging market, stopping along each booth that caught our eye.  From cupcakes to ring cleaners to bumpin' D.J.s, the Hawaii Bridal Expo was filled with local brides and tons of ideas.  I invited my new friend Marissa, who is also an island Newbie, and we waltzed through the isles, talking business, marketing, and networking with vendors alike.  Neither of us knew what to expect, but being a transplant to Oahu I felt it was important to venture out and see what this industry holds.  Maybe make some friends in the process.  Although I wouldn't go so far as to say I would set up a booth at the expo (but there were some amazing photographers & vendors there!), I think it was a great experience and worth it's weight in gold to meet some local vendors and research resources and potential recommendations for my destination brides!  Here's hoping I get to work with some of these awesome vendors soon!


(Left image) When I saw the booth set up by Vignette, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Layered with shades of white, draped sequin curtains and a bubble chandelier?!?  I DIE.  I totally asked if I could just cuddle in her booth.  Now I am in search of sequin curtains FOR OUR HOUSE!  Sorry Marshall, you're not winning this one.

(Right image and below). I turned the corner and when I saw photographer Malia Cano's vintage styled booth, I swooooneeed.  She has a clear vision of her type of bride (I told her her client must be a Southern girl!) and did a gorgeous job setting it all up.  After talking to her for a bit, I decided I possibly loved her, and moreso love love lovedddd her work and wanted to help out this sweet and way pretty photographer if she ever needed it.

A sexy and elegant lace dress from Princess Brides...

Magnolias and Southern Plantation Charm by Magnolia

So much beautiful stationary, invitations, and custom favors from Emi Ink.  And Richard Chocolat's had me drooling.  Custom chocolates (perfect with a business logo as a gift or a monogram as a favor!), gourmet sweets (infused popcorn, manhattan moonpies!).  I have to stop thinking about it...

After seeing Sue's work, it's no wonder SU-V Expressions is one of the top florists in Hawaii.  So lush and beautifully mixed.

Wouldn't be a Hawaii bridal show without some coral somewhere...

or a quirky nod to Hawaii, tikis and plumerias style.  What a fun cake from A Baked Romance! (Cupcakes to right are Emi Ink's with their custom cupcake wrappers).

Dessert bar also from A Baked Romance.

If there's a photobooth around, you better believe I'm getting in it!  I dragged Marissa into every photobooth they had the expo, and there were plenty!  We hoped into the shutterbooth one first, then made our way around to run amuck in the others.  I'm so happy I found some potential resources on the island, but I have to say the Flash Lab was, by far, my favorite.  Vintage props and CLOTHES?!?!  Oh man, I had to be dragged out of that one.  (Marissa kept the evidence).  Although had that been at our wedding, I'm confident everyone would have just skipped the party and stayed in there instead.

Thank you for going with me Marissa, for bouncing ideas around with me, and for introducing me to the goodness that is Loving Hut vegan cuisine.  :)  We're going to rock this tiny island, just so ya know.