[Wedded Wednesday] Inspired D.I.Y. gold leaf table numbers.

"Do you like to do it, yourself?" Saving wedding inspiration from the web, I was starting to feel like Goldmember with all of my glittery, sparkly, pretty, metallic details.  What can I say?  I looooveeee goooooooooooooold.  I spotted these elegant and organic table numbers on Jasmine Star's blog and could never manage to get them out of my head.  Thus, I formulated a way to recreate them as best I could.  I like a good creative challenge, so I scoured resources to find the most practical yet inexpensive materials to bring my inspiration to life.  A few weeks before the wedding I tricked Marshall into tagging along and headed to Michael's for supplies.




-Wooden numbers from Michael's, about 8 inches tall (in the woodworking department)

-Wooden squares from Michael's (also in the woodworking department.  Make sure the squares are wide enough to support the weight of your letters)

-Sheets of gold leaf (or silver, whichever color of fancy you prefer)

-Coordinating color spray paint

-3M Spray adhesive

-Gorilla glue (fast drying super glue)


Get to work:

1.  Give the numbers and wooden squares a good coat of spray paint on both sides.  This helps disguise any small spots you may miss while leafing and will save your sanity.  In my opinion it also adds a little dimension.

2.  Once the spray paint is dry, coat the top of the number in spray adhesive.  Give it a minute to dry and get tacky.  The stickier the better.

3.  Cover the number with a sheet of gold leaf.  Try not to  move the sheet (as the leaf easily rubs off) and begin to press along the edges of the number. You want to transfer as much of the foil as possible to the wood before removing it.  Make sure to get down in any cracks good!

4.  Carefully peel the gold leaf away.

5.  Use a sponge brush to lay down any foil that didn't transfer.

6.  Go back and fill in any gaps where the leaf may not have rubbed off. Personally I liked the look of some of the leaf "flecking off" and not being too perfect, but you can spend time smoothing the leaf to a look you prefer.

7.  Use gorilla glue to glue the square base to the bottom of the number. I used the super glue because it dried faster and held up the heavy numbers.

8.  Sit on guest's tables and get the party started!  Then get real artsy fartsy and do what I did and frame the dropcloth you painted all over as art!


I miss brainstorming crafty ideas for the wedding, so this post was fun! Can't shake the interior designer in me! Hope it starts a brainstorm for someone else out there!