[Wedded Wednesday] Meet me at the alter in your white dress

"We ain't gettin' no younger, we might as well do it, let's get marrriiieeedddd" Love you for forever if you know that tune that will withoutadoubt grace our wedding reception.

This weekend the wedding madness comes to a head as the Vera goes on, the confetti hits the sky, and Marshall and I celebrate our marriage!  WOOHOO!  It's been a long time comin', and as much as everyone says "Don't forget to enjoy it", I just can't wait for the day to be here!  I have learned so many things about myself, planning, marriage, family, and believe it or not my business that I can't wait to step out of the day with a new perspective.  It's been a whirlwind, that's for sure, but I am excited to see all of our hard work in action.

So here's to our wedding week!  Can't wait to spend it with our amazing friends, family, and of course, the best wedding vendors of all time (and also pretty much all out of Philly.  Go figure.)  Where's the champagne?!?!?

Photographer, a.k.a. the very first thing guy we booked (I'm talking two years ago booked):  Michael Smith of Ash Imagery

Videographer:  The uber talented Josh Gooden

D.J.:  Musical Mixmaster Dan Fish of Love City D.J.'s

Day Of Planner:  Gorgeous & oh so helpful Lauren Fisher of Paper Heart Studios

Cake:  Marvelous Confectionaire Heather Gatch of The Looking Glass

Florals & decor:  Becky Goodwin (aka my extraordinary mother) & myself, along with the help of super duper Kristi Woods, Marshall's mother)


Here's a peek at a few decor items I've been working on: