[Wedded Wednesday] What happens in Miami doesn't stay in Miami...

"Except for Courtney's shoe."-Marella "...And her debit card!"-Me


For seven girls, most of which had never really met each other, it was a whirlwind of a weekend.  Being the untraditional Bride that I am, instead of a night filled with games for cash and "manly part" drinking straws, I pitched the idea of spending an inticing weekend in South Beach to my girlfriends.

Without hesitation, they were in.

I have Marella Mata, my great friend (and potential Venezuelan sister) who is a Miami local and planner by nature who helped out with local tips.  Three of us got their early (Cat, Courtney, and myself, all of us met while studying abroad in France several years ago) to spend an extra night catching up.  Little did we know, Marella had booked us a swanky hotel room for the evening and signed us up for Zumba class (with matching tank tops!  Mine said "BRIDE!" Okay okay, I can wear this bachelorette-y item, but that's it!).  ZUMBA, instructed by one of the co-founders herself.  Sure, halfway through I thought I was going to revisit my Columbian style lunch, but all-in-all I loved Zumba. Next time it would be nice to do it in air-conditioning surrounded by less sets of ripped up abs, though.

The next day my Sister, Sarah, and friends Kathryn (another "Kat", that made for interesting conversation!), and Amy arrived in style.

For the rest of the weekend our days were spent lounging on South Beach, by one of the resorts four hopin' pools, downing pineapple water, shaking it to reggaeton everywhere we went, curling each other's hair (Kathryn was, at least), splitting cabs, waking up, and doing it all over again.  With the help of Marella we waltzed into LIV, one of the top clubs in the world without having to bat an eyelash at the bouncer or hike our dresses up one more inch.  Not to mention the bottle service!  Somehow we hung Miami style & stayed up until 6 A.M with the greatest of ease.  And can we talk about my sister being a magnet for Spanish men? ;)  We met some interesting characters: an approximately 22 year old blonde calling an approximately 84 year old man "Honey", a slew of men who not only enjoyed dancing with my girls but also couldn't speak a lick of English, and a french man who could have resulted in an "unsolved mysteries" case if we hadn't been so savvy. Is that show still on?  I used to love it as a kid. And if that weren't enough, we would never lose track of each other because someone was always "checking us in" wherever we went. Thanks to Facebook, we couldn't keep anything in Miami even if we tried.

I'm grateful to have such great friends who I can count on!  I know asking everyone to shell out the cash to fly to Miami was crazy, but I am so happy that everyone did, and we all had a BLAST!  I learned that sure, I may love to be the entertainer and make everyone laugh, but I am uncomfortable being the center of attention, I like for everyone to be happy and having a good time, so I am thankful that this weekend was not "all about me" but rather an enjoyable girls weekend where everyone got to meet each other, cut loose, and work on their tan lines...or lack there of.  ;)  BAH!  I love you all so so so much!  I had a GREAT time.  Like Courtney suggested, maybe we should make it an annual thing.  

Thanks for not busting out the sashes, ya'll.  I wouldn't want to burst your bubble.  But give me some credit, I did wear the old school crown.  In the elevator.  For 6 floors.  



(Iphone photos from our trip set to the weekend's theme song, Danza Kuduro by Don Omar.)