Wedded Wednesday: What matters most.

It's a little over a week until the big day & instead of stressing out like I have been, I'm surprisingly calm.  Maybe too calm. Wedding planning has certainly been a whirlwind.  Exciting, creative, exhilarating, stressful, and often overwhelming, but after a trip to Denver to visit a few long time friends and spend the weekend with the J*Jets, I realized there are things in life to enjoy rather than spending my time panicking over who was going to do my wedding 'do.  I've already made the decisions that matter most to me, like, for instance, what photographer to hire and who to marry, so sweating over the small stuff simply isn't worth it.  Spending time with great friends in a beautiful state caused me to reflect, focus on the people and moments involved in the day, and simply let .go.  In the end it's about the people you love and the memories you have together, not if all the tones of white you are using are the same.

For the next week I am keeping my "wedding stress box head" clean, wrapping up details, and letting the rest fall into place.  It's going to be fabulous, regardless.   :)  Best advice I've given myself to date.

Below is a shot of some flowers from the Farmer's Market.  I plan to ravage the King's Drive Farmer's Market for the perfect wedding day blossoms.