[Wedded Wednesday] Withdrawals.


"Hey, Mrs Woods, Will take a while to get use to this! Was a great wedding and Charlotte was easy to get around. Marshall has nice family and all was friendly. Good food and dj was a wild one. He did great music and you and all others were looking like movie stars!! Download me some of the pictures when have the time.
Love, Dad"



There's left over cake in the fridge.  The Vera Wang is battered and bruised.  My storage unit is once again jam packed full of decor.

The wedding has come and gone.

Out of the year and a half of rigorous planning, late nights "pinning", and mind boggling thoughts of what is appropriate to include in my vows, the chances of anyone noticing the hiccups other than me were slim as all of our guests came together and had a fantastic time.  As the day is still sinking in and my toes are still recouping, I recognize how blessed I am to have such an amazing man...ahem...husband...and the greatest friends and family one could ask for.  true story. The bridesmaids were absolutely stunning and picked the BEST dresses, the groomsmen were rockin' it, and no one was shy on the dance floor.  Thank you everyone who worked oh so hard to make it all happen, and for everyone who headed out to Charlotte to celebrate our marriage.  Ya'll made the party a true party.  We love love love loveeeeee you all, and even moreso, those photo booth pics!!  :)  Thank you for your encouragement and support.  We shall have a room for all of you in Hawaii!

BIG giant ups to Photographer Mike Smith & his second shooter Kaitlin, videographer Josh Gooden, SLAMMIN' DJ Dan Fisher, & confectionaire Heather Boswell.  Everyone was raving.

Now, time to take all of the lessons I have learned as a bride and translate them into my business...but after I catch up on the Real Houswives of New Jersey.  & Maybe do a few more twirls in my Diana.  I love that dress.


Below, Marshall's vows (they were SO GOOD.  I cried.) and my wedding rings.  The silver pave one is from Marshall, and the gold band is a family heirloom.  Given to me by my Grandmother, Mommmalou, it was her mother's and passed on for several generations before that even (yet Mommalou can not recall).  It used to be a thick band but has been worn so much that it's skinny now.  Never one to be a traditional, I am honored to mix it up and wear them both.

I had the best Bridal party ever.  No denying it.