Wedding Welcome Guide 2014

I am oh so happy to announce that Ashley Goodwin Wedding Welcome Guides are FINALLY complete + exclusively distributed to current couples, HIP HIP! I feel like it was a birthing process, whew! What's a Wedding Welcome Guide, you ask? A digital magazine complete with details on the experience of working together, outlines of the process of wedding day photography, and is jam packed with helpful insider tips and ways to stay on track while actually enjoying your wedding day. In the past I relayed all of this information via conversation (usually during the initial consultation) and email, but found it possibly overwhelming for both myself and engaged couples. I wanted an aesthetically pleasing, exciting and creative way to not only display pertinent information and share learned expertise, but also something tangible couples could go back and reference. So what better way than a digital (+printed) magazine? Issuu is a great platform for that, as it allows uploading of pdfs and the ability to include interactive links!  JACKPOT!  With my new Wedding Welcome Guide client's get the full run-down on what to expect from inquiry to weeks after the wedding, along with behind-the-scenes advice, saving valuable time searching through emails.

Issuu offers both free + paid memberships and is a beautiful online source for sharing digital information. Best of all, you have the choice of publicly listing magazines (like pricing and investment guides) for easy access or unlisting documents, viewed only by those the link is shared. The Ashley Goodwin Welcome Guide is offered exclusively to current wedding couples, however there are lots of online templates (via design aglow) and resources listed here to get inspired for Photographers to design their own creative babies.