Figuring Me Out.

Within the past month I had tried to take advantage of the transition between living in North Carolina and moving to Hawaii and have put a lot of thought into a rebrand.  Something I think is important to showcase not only my style of work, but, in my opinion, my biggest differentiating business feature:  me.  I’ve flipped through pages of magazines, written a profile for the direction I want my business to go in, and have even printed out inspirations, but a clear and concise “look” just wasn’t forming.  It wasn’t until my conversation with the super sweet, talented, and helpful Rachel Barker of Millie Holloman Photography that I really took the opportunity to think about it.  During a ride home from second shooting a wedding with her in Asheville, we discussed all things creative.  Knowing my background in Interior Design, she was curious what lead me to photography and questioned what inspired me to be a wedding photographer instead of a wedding planner, something more design-y.  Honestly, it was something that never occurred to me.  It wasn’t until recently that I decided to be a wedding photographer, it was just a hobby that turned into a passion that I couldn’t live without.  The truth is, I love all things creative: interior design, photography, graphic design, fashion design, and the culinary arts, but as much as I would like to pretend that I am good at them all, I’m not.  I respect and appreciate the arts tremendously and to me, a wedding embodies them all.  It’s a day filled with clients and ideas that are ever-changing, bound with love and interesting, thought after details.  At a wedding, I get to experience all sorts of artistic flair, not just one medium.  It excites me. Her conversation sparked a thought in me that I had to figure out.  When it came to my style, I may like everything, but what was really me?  I tried to stop thinking about what I wanted my business to reflect and pull inspirations from my very core.  Colors and images that screamed “Ashley”, through and through.  So I scrolled through my Pinterest boards and pulled concepts that, without much thought, pulled at my heart-strings.  Descriptions that I loved.  Some of what I found didn’t surprise me, like it’s no shock I love gold, I would spray paint the world 24kt if I could, and champagne and glitter make my world go ‘round, but the strong presence of feminine details and the color black took me by surprise.  I had thought that for my brand I wanted lighter, airy colors that were crisp, but now see that black is a solid neutral I need to include (it must go back to the three colors I choose in the Dewey Color System that represent my character: Red, Purple, Black:  means I am an “Entertainer” at heart.  But the truth in that book is an entirely different post).

So here it is, my profile board.  What I wasn’t aware I loved.  All the bright, feminine, fun, and trendy eclectic details that make up my personal style.  I’m thankful Rachel got me questioning because instead of focusing on figuring out my “brand”, it helped me hone down on the very core of it:  me.  And boy is my core LOUD.


Happy 1 month wedding day, Hubby!  Poor Marshall, he needs more than a board to figure me out.