What's In My Bag: Hawai'ian Islands Day Trip Essentials

This morning as I stand in line before the gates event open up and take the first flight out to the Big Island for a sunrise engagement session I know I've got everything I need for the perfect mix of work and play away while away from home. Why? Because I am a crazy packer. A little bit obsessed with just the right bag (okay, a whole lot obsessed) and functionality of things, call me a gypsy but I am always striving for the most perfect essentials that make travel a breeze. And with quick flights to other islands being Hawaii's version of a road trip, you've got to come prepared. And I, ahem, have mastered the techniques. In addition to my strategically packed camera bag loaded to the brim with batteries and film, here's what I bring for a casual day trip to another island (camera bag excluded--that's for another day).


Bikini: You never know when or where, but you'll totally need it. Bring it in a ziplock bag so when it's wet it doesn't get everything else soggy.

Mesh bag: I got this freebie bag from Benefit cosmetics and LOVE it. It's lightweight, easy to find things, and fits in almost every bag's pocket. I use it as my wallet/carryall.

Touch-ups: Look. I'm not worried too much about how I look, I woke up when it was still dark so cut me some slack. I do, however, peek at myself around 4 pm after wandering different beaches and gasp--you do have to get back on a plane later, and other people have to look at you. I bring a few travel size make-up goodies, as well as solid perfume (you will indefinitely smell after a full day roaming. YOU WILL. Here's my best effort at trying to cover it up). Hair-ties and bobbie pins are totally necessary. Totally.

Tiger Balm: I always carry this with me. Soothes aching feet after a wedding or shoot. The scent however is super strong, don't use in close quarters.

Charger + do-dads: A cheapo car charger (because you'll be using that iPhone camera all day), an auxiliary cord (to hook your Spotify up to the rental car and jam that 90's playlist) and an iPhone charger are key. Not having these can make or break a trip. For realz.

Lightweight towel: I love turkish towels. Lightweight, super absorbent, don't take up a lot of room in your bag and serve multiple purposes.

Extra slippahs: I usually wear shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes on an island trip and stash some slippahs in my bag for when I need em.

Snacks: For when you can't decide where to eat, this will hold ya over.