Where I've Been

Like, for the past 11 days,  It's been that long since I blogged?  Oh, please do forgive me.  After finishing that 30 day challenge, it feels like it's been a life time, and between taking a mini break and then severe lack of internet I now join you from the Photographer's workplace to do some work:  Starbucks.

Day in and day out, I've been focusing on the greatest accomplishment since moving to this island two months ago...moving in!  We took a great place not far outside of Honolulu and as the movers unloaded all of our boxes last Thursday it felt like CHRISTMAS!  You never realize the small things you take for granted, like a sharp cutting knife and a sofa to stretch across, but after living in a hotel in Waikiki since we landed, a place of our own is refreshing.  Now, as we wait for cable and internet, I'm challenged with the greatest question of all...what color should our living room window treatments be?!?  Ha!  Transforming the empty space into a home has been fun, but there are still plenty of boxes to sort out and furniture to be moved from this room, to that room, back to this room.  I'll have to document my crafty new "no sew" curtains!!

I've got to get moving on getting our house together and renovating my website (better take that mac out of it's box, ehy?) in the next month because, in more exciting news, I'll be helping my girl Jasmine Star for a month while on her theFix tour!  AHH!  A more detailed post about it later, but I can't wait to head back to the mainland and join her as her Tour Manager!  With stops in 12 cities, I better see some of your beautiful faces there, and you BEST believe I am calling out my friends and family who better trek it out!  It's going to be an AMAZING tour (seriously, I need some help wrapping my head around a few business issues, so I could use some of the information she is planning to put out there!) and what better way to start the new year than with some fresh tactics?

Below, a shot from my 7D.  Taken while roaming the Dole Plantation with Marshall.