Why Film? on film.

  While helping out on theFIX, I took both my digital and film cameras to play around with.  To my surprise the entire month I crossed the country and back and only took sixty-two (not including iPhone!) film photos to document the journey...all of which are images I love (I even picked up a Polaroid camera in Brooklynn!) I can never stop saying how thankful I am to have been apart of theFIX and the fantastical crew.  I'm sooooo thankful. Thrilled I got to see old friends and make new ones along the way!!!


My 30 Day Vlog Challenge video of my love affair with film and the first thing I would encourage anyone who just starting shooting it to do.  Trust me, this helps...especially if you have the memory of the goldfish DORI (not to be confused with the spanish speaking Dora!) then this will make all the difference in the world. (Sidenote: I ran out of HD uploads on Vimeo, so until I decide if I am going to re-up my account, it may not be as HD sharp. ;) )





Here’s some film ranging from Phoenix to Miami to L.A., all shot with the Canon EOS 1vN (Which I’m learning a 35mm will always have more grain than a medium format, wahhh).  One is a roll of Portra and one is a roll of Fuji400H (becoming my fav).  Note the huge differences that the light makes!



THE Jenny Dawson!

Photo by Erin Oveis Brant (thanks girlfriend!)

Tim smiling per us.

Erin herself, always giggly!

J.D. & Jasmine rockin' the Hipster in Nashville on J.D.'s birthday!

Photo by Jasmine (go 'head girl!  Ever think about a career in film?  ;)) in Nashville  & one of our St. Patty's "bar hop stops" in Salt Lake City.  Yes, Utah.  Hence the thinking man at the bar.

The gorgeous Brianna Glenn joined us for brunch in L.A.

DENIMDenimdenim.  (This was an accident!)

The super sweet and uber talented Chach Hernandez!