At the beginning of September I will be packing up +  flying over the pacific to visit Chiang Mai, Thailand for my second visit. It won't be just any ole trip shopping + taking photos of elephants, although that will indefinitely happen, but I'm going alongside members of Inspire Church as a mission trip - one that last year completely and utterly changed me. And excitedly enough this year my sister Sarah is traveling even further all the wayfrom Virginia and joining the group. Hip hip! In  honor of being one of the team's photographers (Sarah will be the other!) and in efforts to raise the appropriate funds needed to make such a trek I thought a wayyyyy fun raffle was in place. I used to always say "I never win anything!" and then once won a TV at a local football game. I'll never forget the feeling I got when my name came over the loudspeakers! I was a kid, so technically my parents won a TV but I had nothing but sheer confidence in my #winning skills after that.  If you know me like my husband knows me then you know I will go to great lengths purchasing, testing and creating with intention of getting my hands on THE perfect camera bag. I've bought them, d.i.y'ed them and even pieced a few together but frankly none have been as incredible as these gems by *emera. I've had mine for ages and nothing can come close, I'm obsessed. You can imagine my heartbreak when I went to replace my chic quilted tote that I had for years to find *emera no longer made them. In fact, they were no longer making several of the fabric designs. Cue my girlish meltdown. But naturally I don't take "no" for an answer and emailed BEGGING for something, a sample, a returned one, ANYTHING! I NEED THESE BAGS FOR FOREVERRRRRR! Lucky for me they had just a few left in stock and were willing to let me buy up the last 3. While I've put my new bag to use and keep the other "in waiting" (it will be a few years, these babies last), I decided what better way to celebrate the upcoming mission than raffling off one of these sold-out gems? (And raise some funds, too!). So here she is, one of the very last *emera classic canvas totes up for grabs! (for more photos via Amazon, click here). Super easy to tote, comfortable, chic, and super versatile, these bags are my go-to for both wedding days, shoots and travel. With the side pockets (perfect for phones!) and the padded inner sleeve they make THE best carry-on handbags. It fits my iPad or laptop, a contax kit, extra lens + meter (assembled!) or a digital camera body with a lens or two AND if you place the extra padding on the top can fit extra travel accessories. And with the sturdy inner zipper pocket your valuables won't go missing--the top of the tote zips up, too! Everything is easy to access and fits snuggly thanks to the velcro dividers. I tell you, I can't live without these bags. Too bad these are the LAST ONES!  Wait...why am I raffling this off again...?


1. Donate a minimum $5 here.

Each $5 increment is one entry per person. Example: If you donate $25 that counts as 5 entries! Just like buying an old school raffle ticket and throwing it in the hat.

2. Repost the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #AshleyGoodwinThailand (so I can count your entry!).


// DETAILS: Check out my instagram for the photo to repost. Raffle open to anyone + everyone! One winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 after 12:00pm HST and notified via instagram (so make sure your account isn't private, please). Winner will receive one (1) *emera camera bag (shown) with shipping paid for. All raffle proceeds go toward the Chiang Mai, Thailand mission trip 2014 with Inspire Church. Thanks for entering, sending LOTS of hugs your way!  xo