Worth a try.

This trip has got me brainstorming on a lot of ideas, sure, but mostly reflecting on the past and looking toward the future.  The thing I hear most from other photographers I've had the honor to meet is "I love Creative Live and I wanted to do a video but I'm not.  It's really putting yourself out there!  I'll just watch from home..." Watching from home gets you no where, people!

When it comes to your dreams, your ideas, your idols, just ask. Take the freakin' risk.  Because the worst that can happen is you get told no.  But you at least know the answer and you can go to bed comforted that you gave it a shot instead of letting a potential opportunity pass you by.  Myself along with several friends are living testaments to this notion.  Lila Purdy, after hearing her favorite photographer Lindsey Adler speak in WPPI inquired about an open intern position.  The woman who was hesitant to email Adler the same night after meeting her is now interning via computer and helping Lindsey out locally whenever she can.  Jen Jar was quite possibly the catalyst to the whirlwind that was the crazy Pop-Up Vegas wedding and the opportunities and connections that led to that, but if it weren't for Jen going out on a limb and tweeting Stillmotion when she heard they were looking for a Newbie to film at WPPI then she wouldn't have made the awesome industry friends that she did...and Jeremy may or may not have proposed. Justin & Mary may not have said yes to photographing said Vegas Wedding if Ashley hadn't taken the risk the year before and submitted an entry to be the photographer's workshop models.

And me.  I realize how blessed I am to be helping out an industry professional I respect and how this trip is a worthwhile opportunity.  But if it weren't me, it literally could have been anyone. I just happened to attend a Creative Live course with Jasmine (which submitting a video was a big risk but I took it and it paid off!) which after communications and connecting, I wound up here.  Doing a job on the road at something I am confident I am a perfect fit for.  Having the chance to do what I've always wanted to do: connect with people.

There's nothing different about any of the people listed above except for the fact that we all went out on a limb and did something different than we normally do.  Just that one time didn't give in to our fears.  So what are you waiting for?  Make your intentions known.  Set it out into the universe.  Don't be embarassed or guilty to want something.  There are plenty of opportunities in the world for all of us, you just have to put yourself out there.  Otherwise you may never know what actions of events you might set off could have lead to.


Happy my series of events has ended up here!  Last stop of theFIX tonight in L.A., then tomorrow it's back home to my island!  The bus group, via Jasmine's instagram.