Last week I had the absolute pleasure of getting together with a few other photographers and truckin' it down to ATL (shawwwwty.  Sorry.  I just can't help it.  It word vomits every time).  Elizabeth Glessner so generously woke up at the crack of dawn to haul Alicia White, Lila Purdy and myself to the WPPI-U convention held in downtown Atlanta.  I'd never been to a WPPI convention, so I figured this would be a good start.  It was the most intense, educational, photography (minus the camera!) packed three days of my life.  My head was left spinning with all of the tricks, tips, and motivation I left with, but I must say that although the workshops were fantastic and the speakers taught me a variety of techniques, I walked away learning the most from my peers.  The ideas, lessons and encouragement us four girls shared with each other was amazing.  In fact, almost a new moleskin's worth.  And ya'll know how I love to fill up a moleskin. I walked away from Atlanta with the know-how to take my business to incredible new levels, but most importantly, women who share the knowledge and support one another.  And maybe "photography " wasn't the only sharing we were doing.  We can't be the only people who watched "Under the Umbrella Tree"...can we? Here are a few highlights from our trip!

-Tamara Lackey's awesome tidbits, and that super cute "Family Meeting" video.

-Prancing Jasmine Star around downtown Atlanta for dinner. In heels.  Then settling on Tacomac across the street.  Why didn't I wear my heels?  Oh, that's right, because Jasmine can keep it classy while I would have been carrying mine already...

-Passing notes & getting the church giggles in a few seminars.  Hey.  Church giggles happen.

-Walking 8 miles through the convention center to the seminars.  This is one of the uses where the word literally is legit.

-Tracking down Starbucks at every corner.  Okay, maybe this wasn't a highlight, but we made it happen!  What is it with Photographers and our Starbucks?

-Jasmine handing her camera off to me and asking me to snap some pictures of her speaking.  "Yes or yes?" she says.  Can I think about it?

-Never quite figuring out the most efficient way to return to our room in the Omni.

-Staying up ALL NIGHT talking like 12 year olds on a sleepover.

-Talks about things non photography related.  And the hilarity that ensued.

-Cocktails and giggles viewing the Atlanta skyline at the Glenn Rooftop Bar. Fancy.


I had a blast with these girls, got to chat with Jasmine over dinner, and got my WPPI Vegas pass included in my Atlanta ticket.  Win. Win. WIN!  And thanks to that amazing woman, Jasmine, and all her love, some of the images I shot of her (with her camera, on her blog) will be used for WPPI's promotions.  I owe that woman my life.  Or maybe a brownie.

I love my iphone, it's so quick and handy for instant shots!  Here are a few scene setters from the event.  Can't wait to see those girls again soon!