The B Side: Your Girl in Her White Dress.

I am not a marketing expert. I did not go to school for business, and I'm not Donald Trump.  Thank goodness.While soaping up my hair, which takes, like, an hour, I got to thinking about my business. In particular my personal lack of the sense. Sure, I’ve heard many teachers, experts, well-known photographers preach and praise different ideals and methods, but what about me? What about my Bride? What should I take away from those practices to push me forward?  How does who I want to attract directly coorolate with where I should be networking my brand?  Other than the obvious thoughts when people think of "brand": colors, scheme, website, and, well, ME.  But I'm thinking about the most important side.  The BUSINESS side and getting out there. Let's call it the B Side. (& btw. check out Florence and the Machine's album named that. It will have you flailing like a hippie in no time.  Pinky swear.)

Okay, I have to admit that it wasn’t that deep of a thought process, really a friend’s clever status update ran through my mind and my brain started on a tangent of funny things posted on Facebook, but whatever. My brain process led me here. And to strategy. Via Google and Facebook’s analytics I can see that majority of my blog readers come from, you got it, FACEBOOK.  Ohhhh that Zuckerberg.  So how do I make the most of it, and how do I get readers from other sources?  And where to even begin? Goodgoogleymoogely.

Before I know the most efficient places to network, I first have to figure out how does this coorolate to MY bride?  When I was having a hard time trying to figure out the type of client I would most like to work with, I found myself using the most addictive site in the history of mankind: PINTEREST. By compiling a list of celebrities I admire and would loveeeee to work with, I saw a pattern forming in the ideal type of woman I would be honored to work with.  Pinterest is great for saving recipes and DIY crafts you may never think about again, but it's awesome for honing your business if you let it work for you.  Without much initial thought, I started pinning images of celebrities I admire for whatever reason and before my very eyes, this board formed, making it easier for me to see a pattern and realize there was a thought process in it.  After I saw trends in the type of Bride I would work best with, it made it easier for me to pull out attributes of these ladies and sort out the best avenues for marketing.  WHO WOULDA THOUGHT ALL THAT TIME PINNING WOULD SAVE THE DAY?!?  Seeee Marshall, SEE! Now, how to get these girls!