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FULL DAY CELEBRATIONS starting at $4450

INTIMATE GATHERINGS starting at $1650


Wedding collections can be custom tailored for a beautiful fit. 



INTERISLAND (Maui, Kauai, Big Island, etc.): $325 (sessions) $625 (full wedding)

MAINLAND + INTERNATIONAL: Have passport, will travel. Inquire for rates. 




I am often met with much wonderment (sometimes confusion!) when I load film into my Contax 645AF and hold a light meter up to check my camera settings. Here are a few details about the process of shooting film, frequently asked questions and what it all means for you! 

Film? Does that mean I only get prints?

No way jose! It's all technical, but in the developing process the negatives are scanned into a computer at a high-resolution and turned into digital files. Remember one hour photo where you could get your photos on a C.D.? It's like that, only more tech-savvy. 

How many images do you shoot?

It varies, however I typically photograph an average of 40 images per hour. Each shot is carefully curated and slowly composed providing lots of time for you and your honey to relax in one another’s arms and get cozy in front of the lens.

that reminds me, Do we get all the photos from our day?

Because each photograph is thoughtfully taken, your final gallery consists of all images from your wedding day, with the exception of blurry images, blinkers, and duplicate poses. 

Where do your clients live?

Across the globe! From fun local events or stylish Austrailan brides all the way to couples toasting to their anniversaries on-island, I have the pleasure of working with people from all over.